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9 Ways to Boost Your Birthing Confidence

How confident do you feel about giving birth?

If the answer is 'not very', you are not alone. A lifetime of horror stories, 'One Born Every Minute' (Don't even get me started on 'The is Going to Hurt'), Hollywood depictions of labour and endless doubt slowly sown along our journey to parenthood means, if we enter pregnancy actively thinking 'yup, I can do this' when thinking about birth, we're pretty unusual. As seemingly intelligent beings we've done ourselves a complete disservice. Our conscious, thinking, over-analytical minds have got in the way of our intuitive, instinctive minds and as a result, we are sabotaging our own births. Think about it - does any other mammal fear birth, think they can't do it, doubt themselves? When we are relaxed and confident we produce the hormones which make birth more efficient and more comfortable. So how can we help undo the self-doubt niggling away, creating tension and fear when it comes to birth?

Listen: Feel free to switch off when the negative stories come your way but do switch on to:


  • Take a look at a huge range of positive birth films on YouTube -Contact me for a link to my own playlist of over 30 awe-inspiring births,

  • Stream 'Birth Time: the Documentary' by Birth Time - a spectacular eye-opener

  • Take a look at some reels from the experts on Instagram - The Naked Doula is a must.

Read: There are SO many good books out there so for a good range of informative, empowering and kick-ass inspiring reads take a look at:

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