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Hypnobirthing Course

The Hypnobirthing Course

How does the Hypnobirthing Course work?

The Hypnobirthing course is divided into four sessions each of which last approximately 2.5 - 3 hours, taught over four weeknight evenings or two weekend days.

You can join a scheduled group course held in or near Alton in North Hampshire or book a private, one-to-one course in the comfort of my or your home.

What will I learn on a Hypnobirthing Course?

  • The principles behind Hypnobirthing including hypnotherapy and the physiology of birth

  • How your mind and body can work together for a more comfortable, gentle, calm and enjoyable birth​

  • How to reach and maintain a deep state of relaxation

  • Highly effective breathing and massage techniques

  • How to overcome anxiety, release fears and let go of negative preconceptions surrounding birth

  • How to feel prepared for your birth and any special circumstances which may arise

  • How the birth partner can play a central role in the birth of your child

  • How to install confidence in your body and it's capabilities

  • Your fully informed birthing options and choices for both hospital and home births

  • How to navigate your maternity care and make informed decisions

Young Couple Expecting

The Hypnobirthing Course Session Content

Session One

Logic of Hypnobirthing

Introduction to Hypnobirthing

Positive not Perfect Birth

Introduction to Hypnosis

How the Mind Works

The Power of Language

Physiology of the Birthing Body

Hormones of Labour

Birthing like other Mammals

Session Two


Building your Toolkit

Breathing for Birth




Positive Affirmations

Physical Preparation

Positioning in Pregnancy

Session Three

Navigating your Care


Roles in Birth

Decision Making


Re-routing your Birth Journey

Induction of Labour

Natural Methods of Induction

Assisted Birth

Gentle Caesarean

Session Four

The Birth

Where You Give Birth

Pain Relief Options

First Stage of Labour

Second Stage of Labour

Birthing Positions

Third Stage of Labour

Your Birth Proposal

The Importance of Practice

Session Contents

How much does a Hypnobirthing Course cost?

Group Course: £260* per mother and birthing partner**

Private Course: £395* per mother and birthing partner**

**please contact me to discuss the attendance of additional birthing partners


What you get:

  • The Full Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course

  • The Hampshire Birthing Course Companion

  • Four Hypnobirthing MP3's which you can enjoy as soon as you have booked your place.

  • Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and following your birth via phone, email and in person if possible.

  • Additional goodies from me to you.

To find out more about future group course dates or booking a private course, please contact me.

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