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What is Hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education incorporating the practical physiology of the pregnant body, alongside deep relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare you for the best birth for you and your baby, in whatever form that may take.

Eliminating negative preconceptions about birth, KGHypnobirthing works by removing the tension caused by fear and anxiety, enabling the relaxed state a woman needs to embrace to allow her birthing muscles to work most effectively.

Working with your body, rather than fighting against it, while KGHypnobirthing does not guarantee a birth will follow a prescribed direction, it equips parents with the tools to enjoy a calm, gentle birth and the confidence to make informed decisions in regard to both pregnancy and labour.​

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Benefits of KG Hypnobirthing

For the Mother

  • More comfortable labour and birth

  • Increased confidence to ask questions and make informed decisions about your birth

  • Prepares you to trust your body and enjoy birth

  • Often experience a shorter labour

  • Reduces likelihood of need for pain relief or intervention in labour

  • Improves maternal well being

For the Birth Partner

  • Secures a central role in labour and birth rather than staying out of the way

  • Increases understanding of the physical process of birth

  • Deepens relationship with mother as you practise

  • Increased confidence in conversing with medical professionals

For the Baby

  • Likely to have a calmer and gentler entry into the world

  • More likely to be alert and ready to bond with parents

  • Less risk of injury during birth

Designed for mothers and their birth partners, whether you experience a natural birth, emergency c-section or anything in between, the aim of KGHypnobirthing is to achieve the right birth for you and your baby.

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