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Hypnobirthing Taster Sessions

Free Online Introduction to the Hypnobirthing Course

In this one hour taster session, I will explain how and why Hypnobirthing can positively transform your birthing experience.

Not sure how Hypnobirthing can help you?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by information and other’s opinions and well-meant advice during pregnancy. Whether or not you'd like to use Hypnobirthing is another consideration to throw in the pot, along with the nursery colour scheme and which travel system to buy.

Would you like to feel prepared and excited about labour and birth, to be informed, confident and well supported by your birth partner? Then this may be a good place to start.

The aim of my taster sessions is to help you decide if Hypnobirthing is right for you and your birth partner. It will also help you work out if I am the right person to learn from – pregnancy and birth is naturally deeply personal and feeling the right connection with your teacher will have a big impact on how you receive the course.

What does the taster include?

  • An overview of the four sessions which make up the full 12 hour course.

  • Myth Busting – clarifying what Hypnobirthing is NOT – you needn’t bring a pocket watch.

  • How the birthing body works and the effect of the mind on the body during labour.

  • The importance of the birth partner’s role during pregnancy, labour and birth.

  • Why understanding your choices can make every type of birth a positive experience.​

  • A free audio relaxation to use after the session and a pdf of beautiful birth affirmations for you to use during your pregnancy.

Image by Andre Adjahoe
Next Online Taster...

Second Tuesday of each month

@ 7 pm

(register below)

Taster sessions are held online. Once you have registered your place you will be sent details on how to join the session.

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