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What is a Labour/Birthing Candle?

Have you heard of a Labour/Birthing Candle?

Whilst the last thing you want is the world knowing you are in labour and avoiding those 'any news' messages is paramount, when it's YOUR decision to contact your nearest & dearest to let them know that ‘it’s happening!’, it can be extremely comforting and add an extra dose of Oxytocin.

Labour or birthing candles are a way to connect loved ones so they may send positive thoughts and wishes to you whilst in labour, a way for you to know you are being supported from near and far.

If you're having Baby Show or Mother's Blessing, buy a candle for all the guests including yourself. Give each of your guests (who should be your closest 'people' - Great Aunt Nora might end up giving it to the next Bring & Buy) a candle and explain that you'll be lighting your candle when your labour begins and that you'll send them a message (set up a WhatsApp ‘candle group’ in advance), asking them to do the same. Explain you'll let them know when the baby is born and ask them not to disturb you following your message.

What a comforting thought, all those candles flickering in honour of you, your birth and your baby.

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