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Spread the cost of your Hypnobirthing Course

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Are the costs of your impending arrival building up? Is your partner rolling their eyes at your latest purchase and muttering 'do we REALLY need that?'

I totally get it, I've been there. And with statutory maternity pay to boot, suddenly things felt very tight indeed.

Therefore, if money is the deciding factor that is stopping you from booking your Hypnobirthing Course, I am more than happy to offer you the opportunity to spread your balance payment out over the months following your booking.

Just pay your £50 deposit to secure your space on the course and follow this with monthly instalments of £25 or £50. Simply drop me a line at to discuss your options and I shall adjust your invoice accordingly.

Looking for other ways to cover the cost of your course? Sometimes family members want to contribute something special in preparation for the baby or perhaps someone is arranging a baby shower for you and compiling a gift list for you. It is for just this eventuality that I offer Hypnobirthing Vouchers. These can be for the total cost of your course or smaller amounts of the buyer's choice, as a contribution toward to cost of a course. Just drop and gentle hint for them to email me at and let me know the value of the voucher they'd like to purchase and I'll do the rest.

I really want everyone to be able to access Hypnobirthing and sadly I cannot offer my classes for free as I have my own costs to cover and bills to pay (if I win the lottery I promise I will then offer them for free as I wouldn't give up teaching for the world!) While we wait for that to happen, I hope these options may help in the meantime. x

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